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Teacup, No Saucer

Heather's Fandom Journal

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Torchwood and Doctor Who fanfiction and fanmixes
This is the fandom journal of heddychaa, a 24 year old Canadian lady with a history degree and a delightfully nerdy personality. (But really, what kind of non-nerd gets a history degree? Let me get back to you on that one.)

I like Torchwood and Doctor Who. I mostly write Torchwood, and mostly Ianto within Torchwood. I may or may not be cheating on him with Rex Matheson tho.

If you'd like to get to know me personally and see the funny things my husband says on a daily basis read about my day-to-day life (often in list form) and watch funny youtube videos, add my personal journal. If you want to read my fanfic, download my fanmixes, or see my fanart, add this community. If you want both, well. . . add both, tiger.

I also run tw_gleeclub along with my girls thepyromanical1 and _lullabelle_. You should come hang out! We have gifs!

I am also a mod and reccer at tw_spotlight, the comm that's all about spreading the word about everything new and hot in Torchwood fic!